An ecological site

In the heart of France, in the Maine-et-Loire region, near Saumur and Angers, capital city of Anjou, Comptoir des lys is located in Somloire, in the heart of the Loire Valley listed by UNESCO as a World heritage site.

The region benefits from an exceptional setting and is rich with history, culture and quality of life. Glorious châteaux, fine cuisine, reknown vineyards...

The Maine et Loire region combines all the best aspects of French culture.


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Our manufacturing plant is compliant with the HQE norms (Environment High Quality):
- Geo biological implantation.
- Renewable materials: non-treated wood, hemp draught proofing,
- Ecological painting.
- Photovoltaic panels.
- Effective policy on energetic needs and rejection.
- Plant elaborated to restrain the greenhouse effect process during its construction and when the destruction time will come.

The company chooses to use only renewable raw materials or materials having a negligible impact on vegetable resources: neither fossil raw materials issued from petrol nor animal raw materials.